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          Xi 'an Fangxin Hongyang Machinery Technology Co., LTD., formerly known as Xi 'an Fangyuanming Technology Co., LTD., was established in 1994 with a registered capital of 70.131,500 yuan. The company belongs to the national high-tech enterprise, located in Xi 'an High-tech Development Zone, No. 59 Keji First Road, scientific research, production construction area of about 7900 square meters. Purchased more than 7,000 square meters of plant in 2019, is now normally put into use.

          The company has a electromechanical integration, electronic information engineering, radio frequency, servo control, photoelectric information engineering and other aspects of the research and design and development of special talents, the existing staff of more than 150 people. He has 18 patented technologies, 7 computer software works, and another 28 inventions, all of which are independent core technologies, are under actual examination. After years of technical research, accumulation, the current product technology research has reached the domestic leading level, most of the technical route for the domestic initiative.

          Plant introduction

          Plant introduction

          The company is now used for scientific research and production plant covers an area of more than 4000 square meters, including all kinds of product laboratory, assembly room, product production workshop, welding workshop, mechanics & environmental test workshop, power operation, safety lighting, fire protection, anti-static and other equipment, facilities complete. The main production equipment is: machine plus equipment 34 sets, CNC equipment 31 sets (sets), special equipment 9 sets (sets), testing equipment 10 sets, etc. Including deep hole drilling machine, cylindrical grinding machine, CNC lathe, machining center, broaching machine, common milling machine, wire cutting equipment, shaking arm drill, coordinate measuring machine, comprehensive hydraulic test bench, load test bench, high and low temperature test box, shaking table, impact table signal source, spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer, oscilloscope, band frequency doubler, Computer-controlled backflow welder, furnace temperature tester, automatic welding robot, high-precision fiber rewinding machine, fiber welding machine, etc., can meet the existing mechanical and electrical products of scientific research and production needs.

          Company value

          Company value

          • 1994

            Company founded

            Xi'an Fangxin Hongyang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Xi'an Fang Yuanming Technology Co., Ltd., wh···

          • 2007

            Company transformation

            The product transformation from foreign trade to business, the first domestic R & D and production center for electric cylin···

          • 2013

            Scientific research and production

            Scientific research and production -related qualifications are available and undertake several key scientific research and produ···

          • 2014

            Electric cylinder setting

            The first domestic electric cylinder product to complete the product finalize, complete mass production, and delivery.

          • 2015

            Full electric action leads

            Leading in the field of all-electric actuator technology, has participated in the completion of electric cylinder related intern···

          • 2018

            Leading the industry

            Electric cylinder product market explosive demand growth, leading the development of the industry, to develop the industrial ele···

          • 2019

            technology patent

            Apply for a number of patents of all-electric automobile tailplate, apply for 6-dof patents, apply for a kind of engineering veh···

          • 2020

            Enter the engineering vehicles

            A number of key models began to finalize, mass production, into engineering vehicles, oil equipment electric cylinder field.

          • 2022

            Fangxin Hongyang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established

            The sales of electric cylinders in the fields of engineering vehicles, mining machinery and petroleum machinery equipment are gr···

          • 未來

            Looking forward to cooperation

            Broad world, look forward to cooperating with you.

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